School Support

Teachers Course:
The Conscious Classroom

Finally - a course that offers teachers a wealth of knowledge, combining research and evidence-based information, translated into accessible, practical and effective strategies to implement in your classroom. The Conscious Classroom aims to equip teachers with the fundamentals needed to facilitate the development of emotionally secure, resilient, and confident children. Through 5 weeks, teachers will cover various topics, all aiming to enhance teacher-child relations and reduce difficult behaviour in the classroom. Week by week, teachers will feel more equipped to handle problematic situations, and will have a hands-on approach that results in more cooperative behaviour from children.


Parent Talks at School

Book one of our parent talks for your school, where we cover different aspects of parenting and empower parents to understand the how, what and why behind our kids behaviour. Book your topic now, and have the flexibility of choosing dates that suit you.


School Support – Parent Talk 1: 6 Steps to Shifting Behaviour

This talk provides you with six small shifts you can make at home to minimise those tricky moments. Six practicals steps to apply in everyday moments. Tantrums, power struggles, big feelings, we have got you covered
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School Support – Parent Talk 2: The Power of Language

Children often use behaviour to communicate rather than through using words. This talk offers effective tips and tools to ensure we are communicating with our kids optimally, in order to ensure cooperation.
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School Support – Parent Talk 3: The Power of Play


This talk covers why prioritising play is important and how it can help regulate our children and keep them in their window of tolerance, leading to less off-track behaviour. We unpack the different types of play and how to foster certain psychological aspects through play, like emotional regulation and impulse control.

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School Support: Bundle Courses X 3


Purchasing this bundle gives you access to all three courses:

  1. 6 steps to Shifting Behaviour
  2. The Power of Language
  3. The Power of Play

These courses can be spaced out and offered through the period of a year.

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